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A. Carol Rusaw

Carol's artwork is inspired by Creation first and foremost. Faith has become a difficult topic culturally and not everyone is going to share the same belief structure and we're not asking you to. Carol's primary focus for her business and website is to promote awareness of spiritual development by way of her paintings. This will also include an interactive blog that will become active shortly and perhaps a monthly video of her discussing her work and inspiration for specific paintings. One of the key elements in her work is the use of light, as it is almost always visible in some of her more visceral depictions and that is an aspect she is more than happy to discuss if any have questions. 


Carol has also lived a rather interesting life with mountains to climb and periods of peace to reflect on. As with most mothers, her two sons have driven her to the point of madness over the years and her husband was a gentle giant that helped her navigate the maelstroms life sent their way. Adventure, sorrow, joy, pain, separation, are all emotions each of us feels and Carol would love to interact with others and share stories as well as artistic advice or perhaps you have some advice for her. In any event, our ears our open as we hope yours are as well.






Prints of selected works will be available for sale in the shop. At some point in time, original pieces may also be for sale but that will be in the distant future.